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Trumpet - Two Month Trial Special

2-Month Trial Rental Rate:
$2.50 per month
2-Month Trial M/R Rate: $3.50 per month

Rental Rate After Trial Period: $27.00
M/R Rate After Trial Period: $7.00 per month

Prices do not include tax

100% of payments apply toward the purchase of your instrument. This is a risk-free trial period. You may return or exchange the instrument at any time without penalty. Please review the “Terms and Conditions” below for complete details. The terms and conditions will open in a seperate browser window and will not affect your progress.

Most customers include M/R with their rental to cover repair costs while renting. It also protects you in the event of loss of the instrument due to fire or theft. 5 GREAT REASONS TO INCLUDE M/R: Periodic repairs & adjustments are required on most instruments. The cost of a repair can often exceed the cost of a year's worth of M/R. You may cancel the M/R at any time, however it can only be added at the beginning of your rental. Homeowner's insurance does not usually cover the instrument. Without M/R, you are financially responsible for loss, theft, damage to or destruction of the instrument.

We will charge your credit card $25.60 plus applicaple sales tax and will have your pack ready for pick-up with your instrument.

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