Covid-19 Store Hours

Covid-19 Limited Store Hours:

NSM has begun the process of safely reopening our retail stores. While our lessons continue online and slowly transitioning to in-studio, NSM will have very limited retail and service operational hours in June and July. The Covid-19 store hours will be posted weekly on our Facebook page. The most current week is pinned at the top of the page. Please "like" us to stay up-to-date on Covid-19 action plans, online summer festivals and back-to-school plans.

NOTE: Masks and Social Distancing are required to enter our retail space. We will happily meet you curbside to assist you.

Covid-19 Action Plan

Dear NSM Students, Teachers and Parents:

We hope everyone is safe and well. We are excited to slowly and safely resume in-studio lessons at New School of Music Buford, Lilburn, Dunwoody/Sandy Springs, Johns Creek and Flowery Branch locations effective June 1st, 2020.

In-Studio Lessons or Online Lessons
While there is no perfect plan, our goal is to consider the needs of ALL of our teachers, students, staff and families while considering our re-opening strategy. Everyone’s situation is different and we respect that. Whether you have “cabin-fever” and need to practice your “mask wearing and social distancing skills” while resuming In-Studio Lessons, or perhaps you live with someone that is in a high-risk category and you prefer to continue Online Lessons, we have your back! You may resume in-studio lessons or continue online lessons for as long as you like. Either choice is good!

A Happy and Healthy NSM
Whether you are an advanced pianist or just beginning the flute, we can all agree that we have become “virtuosos” at hand washing, social distancing and mask wearing. And that's a good thing! While no one can promise 100% protection from a pandemic such as the dreaded coronavirus, we assure you that New School of Music will remain “in-tune” with CDC guidelines and is committed to keeping our students, teachers, staff and families Happy and Healthy!

NSM Safety Protocol:

Sing "Happy Birthday" and Wash Your Hands! Please wash your hands before entering your lesson studio. You may use soap and water in the restroom or use a disinfecting wipe. We will have Clorox or alcohol based wipes located throughout the store for your convenience. If we are running low, please be considerate of our other students by taking only one wipe at a time.

Its Always a Masquerade Party at NSM! All students, teachers, staff and families are required to wear masks at all times while in any “common area” of the store. You may remove your mask after entering your lesson studio if it inhibits your ability to play your instrument, but you must put it back on before exiting your studio.

Mr. Clean has Entered the Building! Our staff will frequently wipe down surfaces within our common areas, and our teachers will be assisting by wiping down pianos, and other instruments used within the studios after each lesson.

Social Distancing at its Finest! Please keep six-feet of distance from teachers, staff and other customers while in any “common area” of NSM. Our lesson studios are configured for social distancing.
The Early Bird Gets The Worm? Well… not in this situation. Please enter the building just before your lesson begins and exit immediately after. Limiting the number of people within our space is vital, so no roaming around please!

What About my Family?! I LOVE my Family! We love your family too! But if you are old enough to escort yourself to your lesson we ask your family to remain in their car. Don’t worry, you will see them soon!

Do I Get A Medal for This? Well, actually, you do! …if you participate in one of our NSM Summer Solo & Ensemble Festivals. Ask your teacher or our staff for details!

Be Safe and Stay Musical,

Rick Smith and Robert Trocina
Owners/Directors: New School of Music, Inc.