Musical Instrument Maintenance Plans

Maintenance Plans are available for both rental instruments and customer owned instruments:

  • RENTAL INSTRUMENTS: Most people choose to include Maintenance and Replacement Plan (M/R) for New School of Music instrument rentals, or Liability Damage Waiver (LDW) for Music and Arts instrument rentals (rented at NSM) with their instrument rental. Both M/R and LDW covers maintenance, repairs, and loss due to theft or fire while you are renting the instrument. Best of all, it can be cancelled at any time. Visit Instrument Rentals to learn more.
  • CUSTOMER OWNED INSTRUMENTS: New School of Music also offers Instrument Maintenance Plans (IMP) to protect an instrument you purchased at NSM or an instrument you already own. Please review the details of NSM's Instrument Maintenance Plans below and Contact Us to get started.
Why Buy an Instrument Maintenance Plan (IMP)
  • An Instrument Maintenance Plan is a cost-effective way to keep your instrument in great playing condition.
  • The average annual cost for one year of IMP equals one average trip to the repair shop, so the coverage pays for itself after its first visit!
  • Manufacturer warranties only cover defects and repairs are generally not covered under home-owners policies.
  • Loaner instruments are provided based on availability.
  • You may purchase a replacement instrument at 40% off the list price with a valid police report if your instrument is lost or stolen.
What Instruments Qualify
  • You may purchase IMP at the time you purchase your student, step-up or professional level instrument from NSM and your coverage will begin immediately. IMP plans are available for one, two, or three years of coverage from the date of purchase.
  • You may be eligible to purchase IMP for an instrument that you previously purchased from NSM, or for an instrument that you have acquired elsewhere, based on its age and condition. NSM may require repairs for this instrument as a prerequisite to purchasing an IMP. In this event NSM will provide a free estimate for any necessary repairs, and all repairs must be completed prior to purchasing an IMP. NSM reserves the right to deny the purchase of an IMP for any instrument.
What in Included
NSM will perform general checkups and maintain the instrument in “Good Playing Condition”. These services are included:
  • NSM will make necessary adjustment and proper regulation of keys, valves or slides.
  • NSM will replace any necessary pads, corks, felts or springs.
  • NSM will remove any dents that affect the playability of the instrument (as determined by an NSM approved technician).
  • NSM will pull stuck slides, valves or mouthpieces.
  • NSM will clean and lubricate the instrument as necessary to improve playability. Chemical cleaning or ultrasonic cleaning is not included in the IMP and the customer is responsible for all basic cleaning and care.
  • NSM will pin cracked wood on woodwind instruments if possible.
  • NSM will perform basic repair to instrument cases. If NSM determines that a case replacement is necessary, the customer will be billed 50% of the list price of any case currently available in NSM’s inventory.
  • A loaner instrument ill be provided, if available, during the time of the instrument repair.
  • All repairs must be completed by an NSM approved technician and this agreement may be canceled at any time, without refund, if it is determined that the instrument has been damaged in any way by a repair technician outside of the NSM network.
What in NOT Included
The Instrument Maintenance Plan DOES NOT include the following:
  • Chemical or Ultrasonic Cleaning.
  • Intentional damage, negligent handling or abuse to the instrument (as determined by an authorized NSM repair technician).
  • Cosmetic damage such as damage to the lacquer or silver-plated surfaces or dings/dents that do not affect the playability of the instrument.
  • Replacement of any lost instrument parts.
  • Accessory items such as reeds, lubricants, straps, bows (including bow hair), rosin, ligatures, strings, drum sticks, drum heads, gig bags, customized cases, mouthpieces, mouthpiece covers, cleaning rods.
Instrument Replacement
  • You may purchase a replacement instrument of like quality and value from NSM during your contract period at 40% off the list price if your instrument is lost, stolen, or damaged beyond repair.
  • A valid police report is required If the instrument is lost or stolen.
  • Only an authorized NSM repair technician may determine if the instrument is damaged beyond repair.
Prices (one-year plan/two-year plan/three-year plan)
Student Grade Instruments:
  • All Band or Orchestra Instruments: $85/$150/$180

Step-Up or Professional Grade Instruments:
  • Piccolo: $100/$180/$240
  • Flute: $100/$180/$240
  • Clarinet: $100/$180/$240
  • Bass Clarinet: $120/$220/$300
  • Oboe: $120/$220/$300
  • Soprano Sax: $140/$260/$360
  • Alto Sax: $120/$220/$300
  • Tenor Sax: $120/$220/$300
  • Baritone Sax: $140/$260/$360
  • Trumpet: $100/$180/$240
  • Flugelhorn: $100/$180/$240
  • French Horn: $120/$220/$300
  • Trombone: $120/$220/$300
  • Baritone: $120/$220/$300
  • Euphonium: $120/$220/$300
  • 4 Valve Tuba: $160/$320/$480
  • 5 Valve Tuba: $200/$380/$540
  • Violin: $90/$155/$190
  • Viola: $90/$155/$190
  • Cello: $140/$260/$360
  • Double (Upright-String) Bass: $160, $320, $480