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Introducing Elly's Kindermusik at New School of Music! New School of Music is proud to offer Kindermusik classes at our NSM Lilburn Campus located at Five Forks Shopping Center, 4100 Five Forks-Trickum Rd., Lilburn, GA 30047. Birth to age seven are especially exciting years when brain architecture begins to develop, laying the ground work for early language skills and the higher cognitive functions that follow. Giving your child Kindermusik® means giving them the opportunity to grow and flourish. Please review the information below and feel free to Contact Us with any questions you may have. We look forward to seeing you at our next FREE DEMO CLASS!
Class Descriptions & Registration

Kindermusik Class Descriptions & Registration

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0s to 2s: Take your first musical steps together in Level 1:
  • Tap into your child’s natural love of music
  • Explore and experience basic musical concepts together
  • Open your child's heart and mind to music and learning
  • Be together, play together, and make new friends together
  • Learn “what to watch for” every step of the way
  • Linger in the sweet, fleeting moments of their first two years
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2s and 3s: Take big steps together in Level 2:
  • Enjoy special time together in class with your child
  • Keep the beat with new instruments
  • Foster creativity with instrument play, singing, and moving
  • Support their blossoming independence and self-confidence
  • Enhance expressive language development
  • Practice social skills like sharing, empathy, and turn-taking
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3s and 4s: In Level 3, watch how your child will:
  • Delight in creative musical ensemble activities
  • Practice independence and inhibitory control
  • Learn new, expanded musical terms
  • Develop their singing voices and an ability to match pitch
  • Practice listening, following directions, and working together
  • Thrive in classes filled with musical play and imagination
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4.5 to 5.5 yrs: In Level 4, be amazed as your child:
  • Learns to read and compose music
  • Begins to master musical terms
  • Enjoys advanced ensemble activities and musical games
  • Discovers the instruments of the orchestra
  • Learns to play the glockenspiel
  • Thrives with the best foundation for music lessons
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5-7 yrs: In Level 5, be thrilled as your budding young musician:
  • Expands their ability to play by ear, improvise, and compose
  • Learns about musical steps and leaps, meter, and advanced rhythms
  • Explores and experiences music from different cultures and musical eras
  • Strengthens their glockenspiel skills
  • Learns to play the ukulele, dulcimer, and recorder
  • Is primed and ready for music lessons after Kindermusik graduation
Meet Our Teacher

Meet Our Awesome Kindermusik Teacher

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Elly Case
Mrs. Case is a passionate music teacher who specializes in early childhood music and desires to create an exciting and fun environment for learning. She holds a BME in Music Education from Bob Jones University in Greenville, South Carolina and is a certified Kindermusik educator. Mrs. Case teaches Kindermusik, voice, piano, violin, and viola at New School of Music in Lilburn and Dunwoody. Growing up in Columbia, South Carolina, she has been immersed in music from the time she was born and loves to make music and share it with her family, friends, and students. Mrs. Case’s end goal for her students is that they will become independent musicians while playing and singing with excellence and passion.
Kindermusik FAQ's

Kindermusik FAQ's

How do I know which level to choose for my child?
Level 1: 0s-2s
Level 2: 2s-3s
Level 3: 3s-4s
Level 4 and Level 5 – we aren’t currently enrolling for these classes right now
How many classes do I get each month?
The classes are weekly 45 minute (Level 1-3) or 60 minute (Level 4-5) classes. We do follow the Atlanta County School calendar for big breaks like Spring Break, Thanksgiving Break, Christmas Break, but the monthly tuition remains the same since the breaks are figured into the tuition to keep billing simple and predictable.
How much do the classes cost?
Level 1-3 - $83 per month
Level 4-5 – not available currently
$25 enrollment fee for all levels
What is a class like? What do you do in class?
Scroll below to view course descriptions and videos
What size are the classes? What precautions are being taken for COVID?
We currently have a maximum of 6 students in each in-person class. Every child uses their own instruments during class, and we carefully clean and disinfect all surfaces before and after class.
Kindermusik Teacher:
Elly Case
When can I start class?
You can start class as early as next week!
What is the calendar schedule for the school year and summer?
School Year: August 30, 2021 – May 13, 2022
Summer: June 6, 2021 – August 22, 2022
Studio Calendars:
Same calendar for Elly Case’s studio at NSM
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