Nicholas Knox

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Nicholas Knox
Applied Instrument: Piano
Online, Lilburn
NSM Faculty: Since 2023

Nicholas Knox Received his Bachelor's degree in music performance with a concentration in piano in spring of 2022 from Piedmont University. Currently, Nicholas is pursuing his MA of arts and education studies from Piedmont University and his teaching certification through MTNA

Nicholas began playing piano at 8 years old. Over time he developed a love for various musical styles including classical and church music. Nicholas works as a church pianist at St. Luke United Methodist Church in Mableton GA and Mount Zion Baptist Church in Clarkesville GA.
Nicholas’s mission is to take on students of varying ages and learning modalities, and develop a love of music making in his students.

“Music can evoke the most powerful emotions in people. I remember hearing Franz Liszt's Liebestraum no.3 for the first time. I scrambled to learn more about this piece. My goal is to give my students a love of music while teaching them skills they can use for the rest of their life. No matter the ideology, race, religion, or creed, all students can learn and experience the joy of making music. Be it for personal enjoyment, to impress your friends and family, or to prepare for higher education at an institution, It is my belief that music education serves these goals and many more.
My teaching philosophy involves creating a customized teaching experience for students. There are many different types of students wanting to learn music & numerous ways to educate them. I teach my students using a range of materials, including method books, online resources, visual aids, workbooks, and music-related activities. Concepts and practices I prioritize with my students include scales, arpeggios, articulation, the safe application of technique, and a wide selection of repertoire geared for skill development. Every student is different in their own way which is why it's important to find the most effective and enjoyable teaching method for the student.”