Is It Time to Upgrade Your Instrument?

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Is It Time to Upgrade Your Student Grade Instrument?

Beginning music students typically start out playing on a student grade instrument. As the student advances the student grade instrument may begin to hinder their tone quality and technique development. The advancing student will eventually require a higher-quality step-up or professional grade instrument. These instruments are made from better quality materials using more hand-craftsmanship, resulting in an improved sound and tonal quality, better feel and response, and overall enhanced playability. These structural improvements lead to increased confidence, motivation, and enthusiasm as well as a better sound!
Apply Your Rental Credit to a Step-Up or Professional Instrument:

  • Step-Up Instruments: At any point while renting a student band or orchestra instrument, 100% of net rental payments* (up to 24 months) can be applied toward a select Step-Up Instrument. Once this credit is applied, the Step-Up Instrument may be rented using our Rent to Own plan or purchased outright.
  • Professional Instruments: At any point while renting a student band instrument, 100% of net rental payments* (up to 24 months) can be applied toward a Professional Instrument. Professional Instruments are available for outright purchase only.
* Net Monthly Rental Payments are Total Monthly Rental Payments less tax and M/R Fees.

Customers who own a student grade instrument (i.e. customers whose rental instruments are paid off) may be eligible for trade in credit and are encouraged to
Contact Us. To inquire about upgrading to an Step-Up or Professional Instrument, please Contact Us.

Student Grade Instruments

Ideal for the beginning musician:

  • Student Grade Instruments are built for durability, allowing young musicians the ability to grow accustomed to handling a delicate instrument.
  • Student Grade Instruments are made using less expensive materials to help keep costs down.
  • Student Grade Instruments are less prone to damage and are more economical to repair.
  • Student Grade Instruments offer fewer features, such as extra key work, which are not needed for beginning-level players.

Step-Up Instruments

Ideal for the progressing player not yet ready for a professional level instrument:

  • Step-Up Instruments are designed to give the player a much higher capacity for creating a pleasing tone, while being more economical than a professional level instrument.
  • Step-Up Instruments are manufactured using finer materials, more hand craftsmanship, and are capable of producing a higher quality timbre and more dynamic and tonal flexibility than student level instruments.
  • Step-Up Instruments have some additional features that are standard on professional level instruments, such as extra key work, which can facilitate playing in more difficult registers or allow for more advanced techniques.

Professional Instruments

Ideal for the advancing player who will play at a competitive, collegiate, or professional level:

  • Professional Instruments may be made from a variety of fine materials or in different styles, allowing players to choose the best material or style for their own playing style, preference, and performance venue.
  • Professional Instruments are mostly or entirely hand-crafted, creating more exact tolerances that will enhance tone production. Hand craftsmanship brings out the best tonal qualities using the finest materials.
  • Professional Instruments are built using extremely high production standards requiring consistency as even the smallest differences in production can make a large difference to the feel and sound of the instrument.